February 21, 2019 2 min read

Garages are not just meant to shelter vehicles; they function as workshop space, additional storage and the hub of summer fun for the whole family. Affordable Garage Carpet has solutions to organise your space to maximise fun for the whole family. Turn a garage disaster into your favourite hangout space! Take back cluttered counters and maximise space.


Storage cabinets:  Cabinetry maximises space so you can hide away bulky items and further organise your belongings. Items which previously took up space on the floor or high-traffic areas can easily be swept, tucked into compartmentalised containers, and stored for use at a later date. Cabinets allow locks for additional safety as well to assist in keeping pets and small children safe.


Pegboard: The options are endless with pegboard! This is a great backing to use for workshop space because it provides versatile hanging options and allows items to be rearranged at a later date without damage to the wall itself. Pegboard is exceptional for holding tools, small containers and even racks to incorporate versatile storage options. Your personal designer can help determine if this is the right option for you.


Hanging Racks:  Wall racks designed to fit bikes, golf bags and cleaning tools are the perfect way to get items off the ground where they are likely to be hit or knocked over. Create additional storage space and prevent damage with hanging racks selected specifically for your purposes. Off-the-floor racks provide ease of use and stability to make sure items stay where they belong.


Garage Carpet: A quality garage has to be equipped for any situation. Oil leaking from cars, sawdust from workshop areas, and heavy use make durable garage carpet a critical part of any quality garage. Stain-resistant, garage carpet ensures years of damage-free use so you can enjoy your garage worry-free all year long.


A clean, organised garage allows for more than just ease-of-use; it maximises multipurpose functionality and creates defined spaces so you’ll know where the cars stop and dad’s workshop begins. Seasonal items become easier to find and hazardous substances can be locked securely away from small, wandering hands. An organised garage is a clean, safe space for everyone in the household.