August 26, 2019 2 min read

Our pets are very much part of the family and we know yours are too.

Here’s our Safety Tips for Keeping Your Pets in Your Garage:

1) Install Garage Carpet (obviously 🤪) - This makes it warm and homely for them. Great for elderly dogs who may slip on tiles or concrete floors. Ideal for any spills and accidents as you can just hose it off 💦

2) Temperature Regulation - We recommend insulating the ceiling and garage door (the garage carpet aids in this as well) as this is the most effective way to keep the temperature constant, warm in the winter and cool in the summer ☀️ ❄️

3) Toxins❗️Keep pets away from harmful objects and substances in the garage. Ensure any chemicals, sprays, rat bait etc are all stored up high preferably in a closed cupboard. 
Do not leave any power cables plugged into the wall, even cats can chew if they’re bored not just cheeky pups 🐶

4) Supplies - Provide your pet with food, water & enrichment. Ensure they have somewhere soft to sleep! Kmart beds are super cheap, ladies.... in case you needed an excuse to go for a late night shop 🛍 
Play tunnels & scratching posts are great for keeping cats entertained. A Kong filled with treats or a freeze an ice cream container filled with water are great ideas for keeping dogs entertained for hours 🦴 💭

5) Interaction - Ensure your pets get time for regular toilet breaks and exercise. Cats can have a litter tray left for them 💩 
Play and interact with your pet on a regular basis 🥳

Please note: We recommend only leaving them in the garage when you are not at home, if you’re in the house surely they’ll be tucked up on the couch having a cuppa with you! ☕️