December 03, 2021 4 min read

Ten years ago, you’d have hardly heard of garage carpet. Nowadays, especially if you are building a home, garage carpet is an item that is just as normal as the bathroom tiles and household carpet.

Obviously, we know it can be used in the garage but if something is hard wearing enough to be driven on, waterproof and easy to clean; where else can it be used? The possibilities are endless! We have compiled a list of our “Top 16 Uses For Garage Carpet”.  


  1. Basements – Many two storey homes have a basement area. Often left as a dumping ground or damp dark space. By installing garage carpet here, you can create a whole new room in your house. An office, a home gym, kids’ playroom, man cave…the list goes on!


  1. Stairs – Many homes have stairs leading into the garage or basement. Soften your stairs with garage carpet. Carpeting stairs reduces noise by softening footsteps and absorbing sound waves. They are also much safer than hard-surface stairs, as they decrease your chances of slipping.


  1. Cabins, Portacoms & Sleepouts – Thinking of kicking your oldest child out of the house and into the sleepout? Don’t waste your time or money getting household carpet installed out there, you’re only going to worry about them spilling food or drink on it. Garage carpet is the way to go.  


  1. Offices – How many of you have slurped your coffee behind your desk and made a mess on the office carpet (not to mention your computer keyboard)?! Stress no more, with garage carpet as your office flooring you don’t need to address that stain right away. Finish your email first then just give it a quick clean and get right back on task.


  1. Warehouses – Garage carpet is so durable that you can use it in your warehouse space to reduce the echo & dust. Don’t worry about your forklift, the carpet can handle it. Sure you’ll get indentations from all the heavy stuff but who cares? Its no different to the indentations you have at home from the couch or bed on the carpet.


  1. Retail Spaces – Ever wondered how the carpet in stores always seems to look clean & tidy despite all that foot traffic? It’s almost always a garage carpet.


  1. Showrooms – Those car showrooms that we’ve all wandered around on a rainy Sunday afternoon all have garage carpet in them.


  1. Boats & Boat Trailers – Garage carpet was originally designed for boats. In fact, it is classified as a “marine grade carpet”. Need we say more? Safe for getting wet, salty and sunny!


  1. Timber Decks – Kids running around barefoot on the timber deck. How many hours (and tears) have you wasted tweezing splinters out from their feet? Cover your deck in garage carpet and create a splinter free, safe, cool environment for everyone to play.


  1. Concrete Patios – Concrete can be slippery when wet, not to mention scorching hot in the sun. Carpeting your concrete patio creates a non-slip, cool surface underfoot but also creates a homely feel for that indoor outdoor flow we all love so much.


  1. Caravan Awnings – Kiwi’s love to camp, it’s pretty much in our DNA. For non-permanent camp sites, just lay garage carpet down on the base of the awning to create a more usable space. If you have a permanent awning in place with something like a ply floor, glue it down and instantly you have a whole new room.


  1. Caravan/Camper Van Interiors – If your caravan or camper is desperately in need of a revamp, consider garage carpeting the floor yourself. Easy to install and much easier to keep clean than anything else. You can even carpet the vertical surfaces too!


  1. Walls – We often carpet walls in garages and basements. The carpet is easily moulded over the lumps & bumps. For a DIY option you can use Ados glue to really get that carpet sticking.


  1. Trailers & Horse Floats – Sick of your gear bouncing around on your rattly steel trailer? Horses don’t like their noisy float? Carpet the bottom (and the sides if you want to get extra fancy) to make a quieter, softer space.


  1. Vans & Cars – Carpet the back of your work van to make it easy to slide your tools in and out without damaging them. Not only does it look tidier but it reduces the noise too. How many of you have dogs that travel in the back of your station wagon or SUV? We certainly do and we line our boot with garage carpet so that it protects the original car boot carpet. Once it is full of sand, fur, starting to smell like a dog or they have an accident in there; simply throw it away and do it all again.


  1. Dog Crates or Cages - If you have a cheeky dog who likes to chew their bedding. You can glue the carpet to the bottom of the crate and rest easy knowing they have something soft and warm to sleep on. No more sleepless nights worrying if you’ll have to rush them to the vet for surgery to remove all that bed stuffing that they swallowed!


In a nutshell, there are no limits to where you can use garage carpet. Made from 100% polypropylene it will not rot or smell when it gets wet. This is the key factor in making it such a popular choice for in and out of the home.